The Most Important Question in the World?

Let’s investigate…..All things on earth are created to solve a problem!  Eyes to see, ears to hear, voices to speak, decay to fertilize, stoves to cook, cars to travel, planes to fly, boats to sail, guns to shoot, and shoes to walk. The most important question is, “What problem am I created to solve?”

Did you know that your wealth is waiting for you at the answer to that question?  What is wealth?  Wealth is what you love doing the most or getting lots of.  Many people live for a paycheck, not a purpose.  Many people make great money in the wrong career.  Many people live busy but not effective. Find the problem you are created by God or Natural Selection to solve and you will find your wealth.

How does the wealth equation work?  If you are solving a problem that is difficult which few people can solve, you get more wealth.  A lawyer gets $250 per hour and a laborer gets $15 per hour.  Your wealth depends on which type of problem you choose to solve.  The few who choose to solve a particular difficult type of problem get paid more, get recognized more, have people talk about them more, and get noticed by influential people more.

Your answer to the question depends on the following four things:

1.  The thing that you love the most.  If you love healing, or building, or computers, then that’s a start.

2.  The thing that grieves you the most.  Your natural desire to change it causes you to look for solutions.

3.  The thing that angers you the most.  Anger is renewable energy that can be focused appropriately for good.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Alcoholics Anonymous are examples of anger finding an appropriate focus.

4. The thing that you are best at.  You may be gifted at communication, numbers, or spotting anomalies.

The bad news:  sometimes you never discover what you are great at because you are in a career that does not showcase your true gift or you are too busy going through life, not living life.

The good news:  it’s never too late to find the types of problems you are created to solve.  Real estate investing gave me the financial leeway to explore options while I continued my profession, but with the safety net to bravely go to new heights.   Let’s have that discussion.

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