Successful Investors use Teaching to Supplement their Income

Are you ready to make a real difference helping others?

Mathew Frederick is excited to share his 30 years of adult-training experience with select individuals!

Mathew was a post-secondary educator for 9 years, an international speaker for 21 years, and has since taught many high earning speakers.

He based this program on years of experience selling high-ticket education programs and raising money for his personally owned projects.

3 Month Program (1-on-1) 

Initial Investigation
To determine current status:
– Level of expertise, experience & awareness
– Ability to teach & sell courses
– Your topic demand & target candidate

Develop a Plan
To set goals & create a timeline:
– 3-month plan & schedule
– set way points & measures

Fundamentals of Teaching
– Lesson layout
– Supporting material
– Workshop room setup
– Webinar setup

Fundamentals of Sales
– Selling high ticket items
– Advanced sales training

Making the Presentation
– Create a 10 minute presentation to draw people to a webinar
– Create a 30 minute webinar that will entice people to attend your 1-day workshop
– Create a 1-day workshop that will sell additional training

Presentation Practice

Real world presentations with other students:
– 15 minute presentation to 10 people

Coaching is a Lucrative Investing Strategy
 (Helps with Low cash-flow & repairs)

1. Cash-Flow – $500 teaching fee is cash in hand
2. Lump-Sum – $5,000 mentorship is lump sum money
3. Online System – can teach worldwide from home
4. Low Operation Cost – don’t require banquet room
5. No Inventory – create lessons based on life events
6. Recession Proof – people retrain in bad times
7. Marketing – a method of selling or buying property
8. Raising Capital – Method for raising money 

Choose your Own hours, Make top dollar & Live life great
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Here’s a news flash.  Great teachers do not make money in the speaking business!

Teachers focus 90% on teaching and 10% on motivation.

While this may cause students to feel like they’ve learned everything there is to know, this style doesn’t actually motivate students to put their knowledge into action.

However, speakers focus 60% on teaching, 30% on packaging, and 10% on motivation.

Packaging means staging the information to encourage further action.  This is the secret to making money as a coach.

Example of teaching vs speaking:

Teacher – “This activity will help you to avoid 3 problems.  Those problems are “A”, “B” & “C”.  Do you have any questions about how that worked?  Great let’s move on to the next lesson”

Speaker – “Let me share something that took me several years to learn. This activity will help you avoid 3 problems.  Those problems are “A”, “B”, & “C”. Not understanding “A” and “B” cost me $20,000 while understanding “C” allowed me to make $40,000.  Do you have any questions about how that worked?  Now that you have the concept, you’re ready to try it out in the field.  We can discuss that later.  Let’s move on to the next lesson.”

As you can see the teacher focuses on the lesson while the speaker seeds the lesson with points that highlight the value of the lesson.

We turn teachers into speakers & coaches!

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