Real Estate Relevent between the Peaks

Some time ago, while doing a mentorship, I grabbed a number of folders that contained properties that I had purchased in the city of Hamilton then proceeded to park outside each property and discuss the what, how and why I purchased each one.  We also discussed the instant successes but also the ones that I had to turn into successes.  At the end of our excursion, the mentee said, “Mathew, you just showed me your peaks!”  I replied, “My peaks?”  He responded, “Yes your real estate peaks; the properties that you purchased over time.”  Later that evening I wrote in my notes that there was something as powerful as; even more powerful than real estate peaks.

I wrote that investors find themselves stuck at a defined level.  Some are looking to purchase their first property; others are at a level after 3 purchases where they hit the wall and are maxed out on cash and credit.  Many want to move up to commercial real estate and the ones who have purchased a commercial property, and enjoyed tasting the apple are trying desperately to assemble joint venture partners to do it again.  And, some are at the level where they are ready to invest in the US.  The 1st truth about levels is that there are no levels.  Levels cause anxiety which cause people to look at their neighbour and wonder why everyone else is in the HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicle).  An anxious heart leads to stress, and stress leads to making decisions that perhaps you shouldn’t have made.  I know because I have been there.

The truth is that we are all on personal plateaus unique to us but what we have in common is we are all trying to remain real estate relevant while on that plateau.  It’s not fun to have property but be cash poor.  It’s no fun to have property but have no reserve fund.  It’s not fun to have property but still struggle to reach financial freedom.  No one wants to flat line on their personal plateau.  Instead they want a heartbeat.  Would you like me to share with you how I got my heart beating again?

Remember I mentioned real estate peaks?  Well picture a few mountain peaks, each with a property at the top.  The property on each mountain top represents just one day of the year.  It represented the day I received the key to the house and although it’s making 3 types of income, I was not relevant in the valley up until the next purchase.  I decided to be real estate relevant the other 364 days of the year.  I took all of my experience, skills, training and bundled it into a basket that I offered to not investors, but non-investors showing them how to use their home equity in a real estate smart way.  And, I got paid for helping them make it a reality.  Why non-investors? Well for every 1 investor there are 999 non-investors that people don’t approach because it’s hard.

At Coridian Capital we have a program that makes it easy to approach non-investors.  We work with people just like you who want to make money between the peaks of your property purchases.  Just like Tim Horton’s making $.04 royalty on a cup of coffee between doughnut sales.  We help you choose the right skills and package them in a basket.  Then we show you how to deliver it; not as a public speaker but a private speaker around the kitchen table where most non-investors prefer to communicate.  We call it monetizing your skills.

Our 40 hour monetization program helps you stay real estate relevant, making $2,000 to $5,000 monthly to build up your cash, top up your reserves, and move toward the freedom that attracted you to real estate.  Have a look at our website; choose PROGRAMS, then MONETIZATION to read more about the program.  Let’s have a conversation, one that is important and one you know is relevant.

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