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Off-Market Deal & Upscale Mentorship

Find off-market deals & funding partners to upscale your portfolio


Why do this alone?
– get help beyond theory
– get hourly direction & review
– get hands-on help in the field

With 39 years of residential, commercial & development experience, Mathew can help you upscale your portfolio

The # 1 problem with real estate investing is too much scattered information.  Throwing lots of mud against the wall just makes the wall muddy. 

Information must be complete (no blanks), sequenced (in the right order), and well explained (the phycology & operational practicality) to be useful.  Mathew will spend 1-on-1 time with you to explain each insight.

The # 2 problem is competition driven by low inventory, rising prices, increasing population and more investors entering the game.  This creates fear, anxiety and self-doubt causing you to spin your wheels.

You need to fish up river where competition does not exist, be able to negotiate a great price, and get more time for financing.  95% of investors do not fish up river because it’s hard.  Mathew contacts property owners & structures the deal with you.

The # 3 problem is failure to set up the proper corporate structure to maximize profit, reduce tax burden, and provide liability protection.  You must have the proper business systems to build credibility with financial partners.  Mathew will sit with you and structure your business.

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Off-market Deal & Up-scale Mentorship

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Mathew Frederick – Mentor
My Off-Market Deal & Up-scale Mentorship will help you make changes while feeling supported

If you are like most investors, you’re having a hard time getting started, or currently own 1-5 properties but hit the growth wall, or wish to reorganize and grow your portfolio.  You are ready to break the roadblocks.

You realize to do this you need someone whose been where you want to be, knows the pitfalls to avoid, and how to handle the struggles that pop up.  You want to have support that caters to your needs.  You want results!

You have listened to podcasts, attended zoom calls, workshops, and group coaching programs but you still feel back of the pack.  All of these methods increase your theory, give you some hands-on practice, and motivate you but now you want 1 on 1 coaching that solves your specific needs. 

You know that you deserve training that puts you front and center.  You want 1-on-1 attention.

You also want a coach to be there when you make calls to property owners, review deals, walk through the property, help with the paperwork, assist with acquiring JV partners, and be there when self-doubt or fear pops up.  Mathew will be there for you from start to finish. 

 Off-Market Deal & Up-Scale Mentorship:
3 Surge Sessions
(45 hours)

If you are being honest, 12-24 calls a year (1-2 hours per month), or 12-24 group zoom sessions (1-2 hours per month) is not how you find and buy property effectively. 

In 7 days with my student, we called 14 property owners (4 hours), found 2 potential sellers, gathered and analyzed property details (3 hours), prepared 2 offers (4 hours), and presented purchase offers which achieved our price and got 35 days for finance (4 hours).  

Spending 15 hours together was more effective than 2 hours of personal/group instruction.  I provide 3 – 15 hour surge sessions totaling 45 hours – Value $7,000

12 Zoom Training Sessions (24 hours)
Complete information (no blanks), sequenced (in the right order), and well explained (the phycology & operational practicality behind it) helps you reach & maintain success. 

Misunderstanding can lead to loss of deal or future failure after you own the property because you missed a clue.  Topics include finding off-market deals, speaking to owners, analyzing deals, finance solutions, joint venture, systems set-up, repairs, & management.  I provide 12 zoom sessions 1-on-1 that fill in the blanks & answer all questions – Value  $6,000

6 In-Field Sessions (12 hours)
Nothing beats walking the property, learning about a city, meeting the key players like the fire & police chief, mayor & ward counselors, building & by-law contacts plus power team members with your coach.  I provide 6 field trips to build your credibility and increase your confidence. – Value $6,000

12 Meet-up Group Sessions (12 hours)
We will run a monthly group meetup event at a Mississauga location that will be recorded for those who can’t attend. 

The sessions will start with new news, a lesson from a power-team expert, a lesson from Mathew Frederick on scale & growth, and a chance for mentees to meet each other, speak to other investors and showcase their deals.  I provide a monthly meetup group session – Value $1,000

Video, Audio & Documents (80 hours)
Using my 38 years experience, I have complied 100 video lessons covering all aspects of real estate investing & business. 

My 80 audio sessions are real life conversations with property owners and there is no other program like this.  My 100 documents, templates, checklists & agreements make running your business easier.  1 year access to the Online Mastery Program – Value $2,000

Unlimited Emails & Text Messages
During the program you get unlimited email access to Mathew.  Stop spending so much time on things because you don’t know how to properly implement them.  I provide responsive and detailed answers – Value $2,000

 TOTAL value well over $24,000  (1-on-1 sessions 81 hrs., Group sessions 12 hrs., Video/Audio library 80 hrs., unlimited emails)

 The Off-Market Deal & Up-Scale Mentorship
1 year program
$20,997 + hst
– Partner/Spouse Option (sessions together)
$2,000 + hst

Message from Mathew Frederick

We can choose THE LEADERSHIP ROLE and live life to the fullest by gaining more control over the circumstances we face or we can let life lead us through random ups and downs never knowing where we will end up.

I chose the leadership role at age 16 and started a business which paid for my first investment property at age 19.  Since then, I have purchased over 60 properties, with over 1,000 doors, built over 280 homes and 3 condo buildings, and left my 9-5 teaching job at age 33 to build my portfolio & explore life.

What motivated me?  When I arrived to Canada as an immigrant at age 7, my parents told me to work twice as hard to get as far.  They told me whenever I made a mistake to admit it, apologize, pay my dues, go to the back of the line and work my way forward.  These principles helped me to land a major bank job and shortly after become a college teacher with a six-figure income. 

At age 24.5, my older brother showed me that working a career job did not allow me to multiple my efforts the way having multiple properties could.  I saw in his life that having properties produce cash-flow and appreciation while he served the public as a police officer was the better way to go.

I realized that my high paying job was really an advanced form of slavery which caused me to generate income in one place at a time unlike having many properties working for me 24 hours a day.  I decided to break those invisible chains by invest in real estate.

9 years later during a high interest rate & low appreciation economy, I became financially free to pursue a life of self growth, helping others, and doing the things I want to do.  I still asset manage my portfolio, buy multi-family property and build but my work life balance is in check.

Taking the leadership role in your life is the highest best use of your time and allows you to travel, pursue your passions and spend priceless time with your loved ones.  Let me show you how I did it to help you achieve your goals.
Mathew Frederick


Why look for off-market deals?

There are 2 ways to proceed with investing:

1. Due to market competition, you are placing high priced offers on property, not able to use conditions such as subject to financing, inspection or right to assignment, and risking the loss of your deposit if you can’t pull together the financing in a few days.  And, losing out on most deals due to competition.

2. You are working 1-on-1 with your coach to find off-market property not currently for sale, co-convincing the owner to sell and accept a purchase offer with conditions giving you the right to inspect, assign and have 35 days to secure your financing.  Your coach also helps you to package the deal for joint venture partner financing or wholesaling the property for a large sum of cash.

Your coach helped you setup an ownership structure that make financing easier, maximizes profit, reduces taxes, and increases liability protection.  After the purchase your coach will help you set up property management.

Number 1 is the reality for 95% of investors.  Number 2 is the reality for 100% of my students when they follow my principles, leadership, in-the-field trainings, and work diligently applying what they have learned. 

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