If I Can, So Can You!

Scores of successful people make the statement, “If I can do it, anyone can!”, but is this really a true statement?  To be fair the statement originates from a place of genuine humility with an inclusive spirit.  Unfortunately it is not as clear cut and simple as it sounds.  There is a saying, “We are taught to believe that we are all even but some of us are better skilled and those who learn to exploit it, succeed.”  Wow!  This is so opposite to the new, “everyone wins” movement being preached in junior sports today.  The truth is that successful people are willing to take the extra steps that most people never take.  In fact, most people find reasons to justify why not to do the little extra.  The little extra always involves moving out of the comfort zone and inspiring others to make that move also.  Let’s expand on this by walking through three short examples.
Most people find reasons not to speak to strangers.  When renovating property, I drive the neighborhood looking for other homeowners with distressed roofs like my reno to get repaired simultaneously by the same contractor.  The goal is to reduce the cost by bringing 3-4 jobs to a roof contractor resulting in a $500 to $700 reduction for all.  Most people would be afraid to knock on a stranger’s door to point out a mutual flaw that will allow for a shared benefit.  I do it, you do it but will everyone do it?  Will everyone go looking for problem driveways, fences, decks and windows to share in the repair while reducing the overall price, reducing the contractors marketing cost and down time for his/her crew?


Most people consider it a body blow if one major factor is turned upside down.  Investors deal with property, tenant, regulatory, day-job, family and friend problems that are unexpected in many instances yet do not stop the train to complain about it.  Investors assess the situation, make a plan and execute.  I do it, you do it but will everyone do it? Will everyone continue forward or use the situation to retreat to investments that others manage for them?

Many people say, “Everything you need to know can be found on the internet for free.” They say, “If that person was successful, they would not be selling their knowledge but giving it away for free instead.”   Others even say, “The best way to learn is from making mistakes”.  What they are really saying is that it’s easy to find a needle in a haystack, rich people don’t respect their time and breaking bones makes you a faster runner.  I don’t say these things, you don’t say these things but many people say these things.  The more they say it the more it becomes their reality of inaction.

So next time you say, “If I can do it, anyone can” you might want to modify that statement slightly. You might want to say, “I earned this and you can earn this too!”

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