Handling Big

If you are really good at what you do, big will hit.  And, when big hits, it’s all about handling big instead of allowing big to handle you.  We can all name a few famous people who were big but could not handle big.  Well this phenomenon does not only apply to successful people.  In fact, it applies more to those who are on the road to big.

In real estate investing, once you reach a certain plateau, the amount of people you are interacting with and the level of publicity that you receive launches you into a new realm of regulations, criticisms, responsibilities.  Your perceived water tight system that propelled you to that new level now springs a leak.  As you cross the barrier from level of current potential to a higher level of potential, you
interact with more people and open yourself up to more scrutiny.

We saw this with the NFL referee lockout over the past few weeks.  The replacement referees who may have been good at their division level, were scrambling to get the calls right.  This new level brought punishing scrutiny.  These referees began dealing with top athletes, multimillion dollar players who moved at higher speeds, executed more sophisticated plays, and perform in front of more television eyes than they could handle.  It is said that a new NFL referee takes 2 years to begin to see things in slow motion.  This is exactly the same for the real estate investor who breaks through to the next level.

Your challenge may come from financial reporting requirements to Canada Revenue Services.  Your challenge may come from financial reporting and/or managing fears of investors.  Your challenge may come from an unexpectedly low appraisal value of a building that you are trying to refinance to pay off the VTB.  Your challenge may come from partnership disputes that arise from the growth of ego which parallels the growth of success.  Your challenge may arise from some regulation or certificate required to operate your business that you did not obtain.  And, your challenge may come from wicked people who feel threatened by your new level of success.

These things are not new and the universe is not trying to get back at you for eating the last cookie in the box.  These things happen to all that rise to new levels of success.  Here are things not to do.  Do not let it keep you up at night.  Do not let it worry you to the point that you put your stabilizing relationships in harm’s way.  Do not let it worry you to the point where you become sick and weak from not eating or eating too much.

Here are things to do.  Do handle it.  Put aside 30 minutes every day to do a non-thinking activity such as walk around the block, or prune your backyard trees.  You will finds solutions enter your mind while doing it.  Do break every problem into little portions and begin to push each portion forward every day until the problem is solved.  At higher levels, problems are solved in 10 stages verses one phone call.  Every few days, look at each problem and try to accomplish one activity that moves it along the path.  Do determine which problem if solved, will eliminate a bunch of problems and work more diligently on it.  This is what you must do until the next level which will bring its own set of problems.

Remember that through it all, you are living your dream and accomplishing the things that make your life worth living.  This is the price of being a lion and no one gets a pass.

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