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Earn $1,750 monthly with Additional Dwelling Unit

The size of your backyard makes it a gold mine!

We reduce time, stress & cost when adding your backyard additional dwelling unit (ADU)

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Affordable & Profitable

Getting Every Drop!  
With all the uncertainty, Canadians need to squeeze every drop of juice from the lemons thrown at us. 

It’s time to make your major asset work 24 hours a day for you. 

Adding an annual revenue of $21,000+ from a backyard additional dwelling unit creates convenience, income, solid returns, & higher property value.

This allows for a young professional, young adult, student, family member, or senior to live close to home and help with the expense & upkeep.

We Never Planned to Offer this Service 
We are land developers who build subdivisions and low-rise condo buildings, therefore least likely to manage modular home builds, land preparation, utility service set-up, & finishing of single backyard additional dwelling units (ADUs). 

Why are we in this space?

Canadians are in a crucial period where new start-up companies are still learning how to build & install ADUs with little operational experience.

Their lack of experience will create undue stress, budget overruns, & costly delays for homeowners.

We solve this problem by being 3rd party experts with 18 years of building experience who fully understands the process and help you from start to finish.

We help you save time, reduce stress, decrease effort, and save money on your ADU purchase, construction, installation, and operations.


Expertise, Experience & Cost Savings!  
We provide a seamless experience for homeowners adding a beautifully wood accented modular container home to their backyard.

It begins with a feasibility study, design & engineering plans, permit application & management, project management at the factory, on-site earth work management, and overseeing the delivery & finishing.

We also provide & schedule vetted contractors for additional work including the deck, fence, pathway, staging, short-term rental service, business set-up, and training.  A complete program from A – Z.

Mathew Frederick
 Land Developer & Educator


Mathew has 40 years of real estate investing experience in residential, commercial & land development.

Mathew started with a 2-family home in 1984 at 13.7% interest.

People said, “real estate was dead!”

Since then he purchased 30 houses, 20 buildings, & built 280 houses.   

Mathew has been teaching investors how to build wealth for 30 years

My passion is to help you live your fullest life and achieving a perfect work life balance.”   Mathew Frederick

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Mathew teaching since 1998

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