Multi-family & JV (co-venture) Strategy


High Multi-Family Cash-Flow with Co-Venture
by Mentor Mathew Frederick
real estate coaching program Vaughan

Invstors often invest in 3 rental houses, only to realize that they were not designed for multiple families.  With these properties, repairs mount, cash-flow is low, and management stress is high.

Multi-family buildings or strip plazas are specifically designed to withstand wear and tear.  That means less repairs, 3X more cash-flow, and less stress for you.

We help you transition from investing in low-return income houses to earning passive revenue from high cash-flow, professionally managed multi-family buildings & strip plazas.

We help you establish co-venture partners to provide 100% down payment, mortgage & closing costs for commercial property & teach you how to run the show.

Mathew discusses:
– Should I buy houses or buildings?
– Types of commercial property
– Locate off-market property
– Calculate commercial property
– Calculate the right offer price
– Find JV partners to finance

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