Early Retirement

Early Retirement through Real Estate Webinar
by Mentor Mathew Frederick
real estate coaching program Vaughan

Most people begin their careers at 22 and retire 45 years later at age 67 with less than $100,000 of reserve funds in their retirement plan and depend on a government or business pension plan to supplement their income.  After 45 years of work, the golden years is about existence for most.

With real estate investing and the right portfolio, an investor can retire in 5 to15 years depending on commitment level with over $2,000,000 equity and a steady annual income of $120,000 (before tax).  The choice is yours but it requires action now! 

Mathew Frederick with 31 years of real estate investing experience will show you how in this 1 hour video presentation.  If you are a serious about early retirement, put aside 1 hour to save 30 years of work and watch this video.

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