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Real Estate Investments have stood the test of time and constantly offer great returns. But starting and managing real estate investments is challenging, especially for beginners. At RCCSOL, we offer easy-to-grasp real estate investment training programs from leading industry experts. We empower the real estate investor in you to understand, leverage and dominate the market.


RCCSOL is a leading provider of the most relevant and up-to-date information about Real Estate Investments. Led by our Program Designer & Mentor, Mathew Frederick, who has been in the real estate industry for the last 32 years, we have designed comprehensive training courses on real estate investment with the help of industry experts. Our training courses help real estate professionals and beginners alike learn the intricacies of the three pillars of wealth:
  • Real Estate
  • Co-Venture
  • Coaching
If you think you need a reliable partner and mentor in your real estate investment journey, don’t look any further than RCCSOL.

Learn About Real Estate, Buy Property & Have Partners Pay

Our informative podcasts and free videos can be a great starting point for you to learn about real estate essentials. We will help you learn about the ways to maximize your revenue from various real estate transactions, whether residential or commercial. We will help you form real estate partnerships as a great starting point for your real estate investment. When you buy property in partnership, as a limited joint venture, you can have your partners pay you while remaining a passive investor without compromising on your daily tasks. You can learn everything about real investment partnerships from us.

Why Choose RCCSOL?

You should choose RCCSOL as your real estate investment knowledge partner because of our efficacy and easy-to-follow learning methods. Once you have gathered the basic knowledge about the real estate profession from our free resources, you can enrol for a high-calibre training program suited to your learning needs.  If you think you have it in you, we will enable you to learn everything about the real estate market through our: 
  • Real Estate Training in Ontario 
  • Real Estate Course in Ontario 
  • Real Estate Training in Vaughan 
  • Real Estate Course in Vaughan 
  • Real Estate Mentorship Program in Vaughan
  • Real Estate Coaching Program in Vaughan 
  • Real Estate Investment Course in Vaughan

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Real Estate Courses vary in Ontario based on the difficulty level and the credibility of the course provider. We offer economical course options with great value.
Real Estate can be an excellent career if you take it seriously enough and learn from trustworthy and reliable real estate professionals, such as RCCSOL.
The duration of Real Estate Training in Markham, ON, varies from 6 months to 1 year based on the course material.


Real Estate | Co-venture | Coaching

Buy property & have partners pay

Owning income real estate is a great source of revenue.  We help you transition from investing in low-return income houses to earning passive revenue from high cash-flow professionally managed buildings. 

Want to be an EXPERT?

It’s important to take action, but it’s more important to know exactly HOW to take MEANINGFUL ACTION to get you the results you want. 


Owning income real estate is a great source of revenue.  Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming & stressful especially on top of your full-time job. 

We help you transition from investing in low-return income houses to earning passive revenue from high cash-flow professionally managed buildings. 

Investing in real estate requires hands-on sweat equity or hands-off financing. The first provides knowledge & labour and the second provides capital & financing. It’s a symbiotic relationship. We help you find co-venture partners to provide the down-payment & mortgage financing while you provide the knowledge & labour. We teach you the knowledge, develop the relationship & provide the systems for win-win results.
real estate mentorship program Vaughan
Hit the glass ceiling or just spinning your wheels? If your ladder of success is on the wrong wall, even a well-paying job feels empty. When people get stuck, they unknowingly repeat 3 steps – nurse it, curse it & rehearse it.

STOP the destructive cycle and listen to your future self. The person that you are destined to become, demands of the person you are today, to build the foundation of wealth (freedom).


Find off-market deals & with a funding partner

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