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Mathew Frederick
 Land Developer & Educator


Mathew has 40 years of real estate investing experience in residential, commercial & land development.

Mathew started with income houses then stepped up to 12-64 unit multi-family buildings.  After decades of learning, hardship, and success, he stepped up again to strip-plazas, and self-storage property. 

In 2007, Mathew partnered with a development company and over the next 16 years, built 280 houses (6-12-35 & 115 house subdivisions) and 3 (50+ unit) low-rise condo buildings.  

Mathew has been and educator for 34 years.  His first 10 years as a college teacher and the next 24 years speaking to investors across Canada & the USA about building wealth through business & real estate.

Mathew Frederick
My passion is to help you live life to the fullest while achieving a perfect work life balance.”

Complete your development project by using our 
 step-by-step program, support systems, & team

Build Your Dream Project

Land Developer Accelerator Program  
The most dynamic land development and build program conducted by a full-time developer having 17 years of development experience.

Most educators today have renovated existing houses, added extra units, or built 1 or 2 houses which is good.  Mathew has built multiple houses including town-houses (2 – 115 units) & low-rise condo buildings (23 – 50 units).

You will benefit from his experience while he accelerates your development, building, and money raising skills in his program. 

Whether you want to build, understand the process from a mortgage agent, lender, or realtors’ point of view, or become an informed passive investor; this is your program.

Mathew shares techniques & insights that stay hidden within development companies, explains how each system works, how to avoid costly mistakes & overruns, and outlines activity timeline & cost.

Mathew brings this training to life by visiting active projects with you. 

Mathew Frederick
“I will help you find and analyze your very own project.”

Speaking for Profit Mentorship

How to Teach & Sell Training Programs without Sounding Pushy

It’s Time to Profit from Your Knowledge

Speaker Training Accelerator Program 

The most applicable speaker training program which helps you determine how much information to share while weaving mental “take action” anchors into your material that motivate listeners to purchase your high-ticket workshops, personal coaching program, & educational materials. 

Your coach Mathew Frederick has facilitated for 24 years to over 100,000 students from Canada to the USA.  Mathew’s average 2 day workshop sales with 30 students are 6-figure. 

Just teaching is not selling!  Surprisingly, he had to unlearn many of the skillsets developed over a 10 year college teaching career before he became a profitable speaker.

You can spend 2 days educating with all your knowledge & passion only for students to say, “thank you, we will take it from here” or “train me for free and you can use me as a reference, or share the first deal”. 

The first excuse leads them to possible shipwreck without your guidance and the second is asking you, the person who sacrificed for years to learn, and holds all the knowledge, to donate your time upfront for free & take all the risk.  They want you to become their employee on commission while teaching them how to leave their job.   

The coaching industry is the fastest way to build wealth with little out of pocket money because most of the startup cost has already been paid for through your life experiences.  90% of coaching businesses fail in year 1. 

Successful speakers create their own stories and deliver them in the proper sequence to achieve financial results.  The passion to help others is the #1 driver but getting paid helps you to continue to coach.  Passion and conviction alone will not sell courses.

I share techniques on how to influence listeners without using pushy, crude, money hungry behaviors while still receiving high sales to cover the expenses and make a solid profit.  

Mathew Frederick
“I help you explore your life history to engineer stories that educate, motivate, emotionally resonate, and influence people to take buying action.”  

Multi-Family & Strip-Plaza Mentorship

We help you acquiring multi-family or Strip-Plaza buildings

Enough Units to Hire an Onsite Manager

Multi-Family & Strip-Plaza Accelerator Program 
The # 1 problem with real estate investing is too much scattered information.  Throwing lots of mud against the wall just makes it muddy. 

Information must be complete (no blanks), sequenced (in the right order), and well explained (the phycology & operational practicality), to be useful.  Mathew will explain each insight.

The # 2 problem is competition driven by low inventory, rising prices, & investors entering the game.  This creates fear, anxiety & self-doubt causing your wheels to just spin.

You need to fish up river where competition does not exist, be able to negotiate a great price, & get more time for financing.  95% of investors fish down river because it’s easier, but saturated.  Mathew contacts property owners with you.

The # 3 problem is failure to set up the proper corporate structure to maximize profit, reduce tax burden, and provide liability protection.  You must have the proper business systems to build credibility with financial partners.  Mathew will help you structure your business.

Realtors & Mortgage Agents – 5X your Business

We help you increase your yearly sales by 5 times

It’s Time to Be Your Own Boss?

real estate course Ontario

Real Estate Agent Accelerator Program 
Mathew’s purchased 90% of his properties off market from people not thinking of selling at the time.  His transferrable skill & systems will help you increase your listings by 5 times without having to depend on your friends, family, or ethnic community for business support.

Acquiring listings and pricing them correctly is at the heart of realtor success because the rule of “force multiplication” invites realtors to bring their clients to buy your property listings. 

We specialize in acquiring new listings with our system which includes
1-on-1 telephone lead training, in-the-field door to door training, networking event training, and ad campaigns programs.

Mortgage Agent Accelerator Program
Mathew’s 1st year as a mortgage agent involved 18 deals financing first time home-buyers, investors looking for houses to buy-fix-rent-refinance, and buy-fix-sell.  Mathew is currently a land developer who raises millions for his projects and although no longer a mortgage agent, coaches top agents to increase their business by a factor of five.

Either the 4 month Realtor or Mortgage Agent mentorship program will help you build a foundation, implement systems, practice techniques & develop new skills that increase your business income by five times over the previous year.

Upscale Your Business Workshop

Sales, Negotiation, & Problem Solving are Critical to Success

It’s Time to Be Your Own Boss?

real estate course Ontario

Business Scale-up Accelerator Program 
Mathew’s first business was at age 16 dropping cook books to businesses for the receptionist to sell, gather the money, call in the order size, distribute the books when he drops them off, and receive a free book as payment. 

Mathew was able to purchase his first investment property at 19 with 4 years of business proceeds. 

In 2017, he walked a high-school student through an updated form of his book business from 37 years earlier by sourcing USB chargers (with video camera & phone app) from Alibaba, advertising on Facebook (pet-cam, burglar-cam), then connecting an online payment app, and courier service to deliver.  
As a result, the high-school student was able to make a 6 figure income.

Mathew started successful businesses including:
– Restaurants
– Wellness Center
– Senior Day Center
– Self-Serve Car wash 
– Multiple ATM machines
– Real Estate Training

Mathew’s program teaches the key skills you need to start and/or up-scale your business to achieve maximum profit with reduced stress, to create a healthy work life balance.

Online Video, Audio & Document Library

Learn From a Highly Experienced Investor & Entrepreneur

100 Hours of  Online Video & Audio Lessons

 Access to Our Online Training Videos & Audio Lessons Plus Documents
Are you a new investor wanting to jump into real estate or an experienced investor wishing to improve your skillset to get to the next level?

You’ll often hear experienced investors telling you to take action but how do you know where to start?  Yes it’s important to take action, but it’s more important to know exactly how to get the results you want.  

ur step-by-step video library will break down my 39 years of experience in sourcing off-market property, analyzing markets, speaking to potential sellers, to get your first or fifth deal.

With 180 videos and recordings for you to learn from, we build up your knowledge, skills, and confidence moving closer to your goal.

100+ Video Lessons (65 hours)
A series of video teaching strategies, fundamentals, networking, deal finding, essential skill-sets, advanced techniques, self-storage, modular construction & new development.  

100 Audio Recordings (15 hours)
Listen to Mathew Frederick’s first contact and follow-up conversations with property owners, managers, & superintendents in real time.  There is no other program that gives you a seat at the table during original calls.  

100 Documents
Real estate investing is a business and having access to correctly formulated analysis templates, documents, checklists, forms & agreements are a must.  

90 Day Challenge Program
To help you get started, we provide a 24 step program to guide you through the videos to watch, audios to listen too, & documents to read that jump start your investing career, or upscale your performance in 90 days.

The videos, audios & documents are constantly improved and updated to reflect regulatory changes and new videos, audios & documents are added monthly.

 Library Access Fee

$1,499 plus HST
24 Month License

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